"Ryan and Thomas crushed it. We had spoke for months about additional soundproofing specs to make sure I could use it as a music studio, and Ryan was open to all my suggestions, learning about soundproofing along the way. In the end, I have an awesome office/music studio. The build was more involved than their normal builds with two layers of drywall, cement siding, Rockwool insulation, and green glue and sealant all over the place... Heck, I'd hire Ryan to build everything around my house. Part because he'd do a great job, and part because he's that much fun to hang out with. You'll be very happy hiring these guys."


Los Angeles, 2020

"Ryan and his team are amazing. He met with us in advance and worked with us to arrive at a design that met our budget. He was clear about what work he did vs. what was outside his scope. Ryan gave us a fixed bid quote, laid out a schedule, then performed according to that schedule. He even made arrangements to do some of the work early to meet the final completion date. We are incredibly happy with the finished product, which added much needed square footage to our living space."


Ventura, 2020

"We were looking for a shed/office/in-law suite for our backyard. I talked to Ryan on the phone and immediately had a great gut feeling about him. I emailed him over what I was thinking and bing-bang-boom we had a plan and a start date. Ryan and Thomas arrived on time and got straight to work. They were receptive to ideas and were just pleasant and amiable people to be around. As hot as it was, they knocked the shed out in a weekend! Looked beautiful! But after living with the shed for a day or two, my wife thought it would look even better with a porch so I called Ryan. He agreed and bing-bang-boom we had another plan and a start date. They came and knocked it out again! Anyway, the "Bungalow" as we call it now looks AMAZING and far surpassed our expectations. We get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. Great experience and we highly recommend!"


Ojai, CA

"Ryan and his team were great! They have this shed-building thing down to a science. Shed supplies were delivered on Friday, they showed up Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon, we had a custom shed that fit the style and space built and ready to use. Did I mention that the cost was comparable to a shed kit from a big box store? All around, a great job, great product at the right price. Well done."


Thousand Oaks, 2020

"So glad I kept searching and searching on the internet and found Ryan at Genuine Sheds. I needed it custom with my own selection of windows and doors to match our new home. He and Thomas were all set to go each morning and knew just what I wanted. The craftsmanship is superb.  I also found that his prices are very reasonable and the quality exceeded my expectations. I can't say enough positive things about the whole experience."


Ventura, 2019

"Ryan build a shed for my office. He was great to work with on the planning and building. Always came when he said he would be in, regularly kept me updated on the next step of the job. I couldn't believe how fast it all went up. My neighbor was also impressed posted pics on his facebook. I would definitely recommend and refer Ryan for a these projects!"


Thousand Oaks, 2019

"I recently moved to a new house with no garage and needed a space to setup a workshop. I was considering getting a Tuffshed until a friend recommended Genuine Storage Sheds. Ryan and Thomas built a custom shed to the exact dimensions I wanted, maximizing the limited space available. Ryan was great to deal with and I recommend to anyone else in need of a custom shed."


Santa Barbara, 2019

"Ryan and Thomas did a great job on our shed.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.  Ryan worked with us to customize the shed to our space and design.  I think it was first time they'd build one to that height, but it's perfect and looks great.  He even helped us customize it with redwood accents to match our gate and put in the windows that we wanted.  Bonus points for showing up on time and working throughout without complaint!  Finally someone who says what they do and does what they say. We're very happy with the result."

Laurie and Gary

Thousand Oaks, 2018

"I love my workshop, and Ryan did a great job building it.  I gave him the specs that would best fit my space and my needs and he constructed it accordingly.  He had a reasonable pricing for installing windows of my own choosing; that allowed me to pick larger than normal windows, purchase them myself off Craigslist, then he installed them very nicely.  He built the structure in October of 2018, and I wanted to wait with my review until I could go through the winter rains--turns out there was no leakage whatsoever, including around the windows.  He installs a thick floor, and there has been no give in it whatsoever... Ryan built it in two days on a weekend with another laborer, and cleaned up well after himself... It looks sharp, has shown to be constructed of higher quality materials but at a similar price range to the commercial sheds at Lowes, and it fetches many compliments.   I'm very pleased--thanks Ryan!"


Oxnard, 2018

"Ryan built my studio shed and I couldn't be happier. The construction is top quality and he was a real pleasure to work with. I agree with the other reviewers in that he was friendly and helpful at each stage of the project. He completed the exterior and interior for my shed and it's exactly what I wanted. I recommend Ryan and Genuine Storage Sheds without any hesitation. There are small things that can really make a big difference-- like when he was building on Sunday, he took a lunch break at the time my 2 year old naps so he wouldn't have to skip a nap due to the noise. What a nice and understanding person! Thank you, Ryan!"


Ventura, 2018

"Ryan did a great job building our backyard office shed. He was friendly and really helpful from the planning stages, did a great job building, and was very thorough making sure everything was finished 100% to our satisfaction.  Amazing how two guys can build a shed and finish the interior in just two weekends."


Carpinteria, 2018

"Hired Ryan to build a shed for my office in 2018. He was easy to work with and did a great job. I recommend Genuine Sheds."


Santa Barbara, 2018

"The shed you built held up to all the terrific rains Ojai experienced last winter — everything was tight and dry.

It looks wonderful...I realized when I was there that I had never written to thank you for the build.  I know the steeper roof was a challenge! You were really terrific about all of it.  I’m grateful to have found you and I will continue to sing your praises...Thanks again for your good nature and your excellent carpentry skills."


Ojai, 2018

"Great company and group of guys.  Called them up, got a quote and set a date.  The guys showed up in the morning and had our shed built by the end of the day.  I won't hesitate to call again if we need another one built. Thanks!"


Thousand Oaks, 2017

"Ryan and his team were efficient and created a great looking shed in a matter of days. Highly recommend."


Montecito, 2017

"Ryan was great and our new shed is marvelous! Couldn't be happier.  They are fast, pleasant and all around good people. They built us a 10x12x8 shed with 2 windows."


Thousand Oaks, 2017

“Ryan and George built our shed in one weekend. They were very courteous, professional and did a great job. I was so impressed with them that I asked them to come back a few months later to finish the interior of the shed, putting in insulation, tongue and groove ceiling panels, and bead board for the walls. Ryan, the business owner listened to what I wanted and delivered an excellent product. I would recommend him to anyone that is considering having a shed built on their property.”


Santa Barbara, 2016

"Wow, where do we start?  We’d been contemplating a replacement shed to an existing one that had become a mouse house.  We had been researching constructions of all shapes and sizes and became very clear with what we wanted.  While we could build it ourselves, we realized it would take us away from weekends together as a family and was a project that would probably become never-ending.  We completely tripped on to Genuine Storage Sheds and when owner, Ryan said he could build the shed we wanted in less than 48 hours, we were thrilled.  When Ryan states he can build anything, he’s not exaggerating.  We were set on a contemporary look and feel and Ryan walked us through how we could achieve the design we were interested in, ordered all materials and had them delivered to our driveway the day prior to kick off.  Ryan arrived early on build morning #1 of 2, was professional, honest, fast and thorough and just an all around wonderful guy and resource.  His teammate was equally talented and kind and both were respectful of our neighbors, yard and especially our extremely curious 3-year old who was enamored with both of them and wanted to watch their every move.  By the end of day #2, the shed was complete.  It’s rock solid, looks great, is completely dust and mouse proof and is exactly what we outlined.  Upon completion Ryan cleared the yard of every morsel of debris leaving no sign of him having been around for 48 hours ….. with the exception of fresh smelling wood coming from our new shed.We’ve already turned a handful of friends on to Ryan and are contemplating building a second shed (and we’d only use Ryan and Genuine Storage Sheds for this, of course)!  Highly recommended!!"

Krista and Ben

Santa Barbara, 2016

"Ryan and his team did an incredible job.  The quality of construction and attention to detail really shows in the office studio shed they built.  They were very fast.  The shed construction is far superior to what you would get prefab from tuffshed, or the hardware store.  Their price was better than the other guys too.  It is basically a tiny house... and it is nicer than my house.  Ryan finished the insides with insulation, wall board, tongue and groove ceilings, lights, electrical outlets, and floors.  He even went out of his way correct a problem I caused when I picked out flooring that was cheap and low quality.  After laying down half the cheap floor, he correctly realized the floor was going to buckle in the sunlight and heat.  At no extra cost, he ripped out that floor, exchanged it for a high quality floor and reinstalled it. One of the most awesome things about Ryan is that he not only builds the shed, but he will help you with design and material selection.  Many of the design choices, I had no idea what to choose and he made it easy for me with recommendations that turned out to be very good. I will absolutely refer them to any of my friends."


Santa Barbara, 2016

“Ryan and his team did an awesome job. They build an 8×8 shed in one long workday and it’s exactly what I wanted. I also found their prices to be far less than their competitors. The craftsmanship is outstanding.

They were professional, hard-working, and kind. I will absolutely refer them to any of my friends looking for sheds.”


Los Angeles, 2016

“After looking at sheds through Home Depot, Lowes and Tuff Shed, nothing seemed to fit the bill or the reviews weren’t what we were looking for/comfortable with.  Then we found Ryan Yates at Genuine Storage Sheds.  Ryan was easy to work with and immediately agreed to build the custom size shed we were looking for. Ryan and George had the lumber delivered on Friday and they showed up on Saturday exactly when they said they would.  They worked incredibly hard in hot conditions and built a perfect shed.  The shed was completed on Sunday late in the day and it is exactly what we wanted – couldn’t ask for anything more! Ryan and George clearly know what they’re doing, were always courteous and professional, and we would call them first every time.  We can’t recommend them enough – they do great work at reasonable prices and deliver exactly what they say they will on time.”

John and Mary

Thousand Oaks, 2016

"We contacted Ryan in June of this year to see if he could build a custom shed for us sometime in July. At the time of our initial contact our family was still living in Northern California and the shed was for our new house in SoCal. We informed Ryan that in order to build the new shed an existing structure needed to be removed and he recommend a friend of his -George- who did a fantastic job! When the time came to build the new shed, Ryan and his crew arrived on time, worked hard and completed the project on time. They also tactfully navigated around a curious six year old girl, a nosey neighbor and my father-in -law who decided he wanted to barbecue a chicken right in the middle of their confined work area. Sorry about that guys! Throughout the entire process it was very easy to communicate with Ryan and everyone involved with the project. In the end, Ryan was able to realize our vision for the shed (which feels more like a mini house than a backyard shed) and he worked with us to keep the cost down. I would highly recommend Ryan if you are looking for someone who can build a quality structure.
Thank you Ryan and George!"

Terry and Lisa

Santa Barbara, 2016

“Ryan is a skilled carpenter and builds a great shed.  He custom built mine in a space that was on a slope adjacent to my driveway – not your typical spot.  It fits the space like a glove and the finished product was exactly as promised.  You will not be disappointed.”


Ventura, 2016

"I now have a beautiful garden massage studio in my yard thanks to Ryan! It’s custom to my specifications and and he even installed vintage windows and doors that I love.
Ryan is the consummate professional, and I cannot more highly recommend him. Having been through a home remodel, I know how hard it is to find someone trustworthy and professional who provides a great product at an awesome price. He even smoothed things over with some of my “curious” neighbors.
I’ll never have to look for another contractor!
Thanks, Ryan!"


Santa Barbara, 2015

“I am so grateful that I found Ryan from Genuine Storage Sheds!  My now lovely little garden shed is no longer known as the garden shed from hell.  I hired not 1 but 2 licensed contractors that I found on Craigslist...Months behind schedule and thousands of dollars over budget I decided to wrap the monstrosity in tarps and forget about it for a while...3rd time was the charm. I found Ryan’s posting on CL and emailed him to ask if he would consider taking a look at my mess to see if he could finish it and he said he would. If I had only found Ryan’s posting 1st – I know my experience would have been completely different and WAY more affordable.  First of all – he is nice...He is patient...He is honest and trustworthy...And he is professional. And unlike the licensed framing contractor that does not know how to frame, Ryan knows how to build a shed.  He took my shed from hell and turned it into a little gem that I look forward to seeing every morning.  If you are thinking about building a shed give him a call you will be glad you did – I know I was.”


Thousand Oaks, 2015

“Well my story goes like this: I had searched for sheds for about a month at Home Depot and other hardware stores and catalogs, and didn’t find anything that was good. So I went online, and found Genuine Storage Sheds owned by Ryan Yates. He showed up two weeks later and made my shed perfect and it holds my little Harley fat boy in it. What a great job, I will show it off to all my friends.  Please keep up the great work Ryan”


Goleta, 2015

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